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Perfect Shampoo | Dallas Hair Salon

www.thebeautyboxsalon.com | Dallas Hair | Ever wonder why you aren’t getting the perfect shampoo? Have you ever said, oh this shampoo bowl is hurting my neck? Here are some fun facts to get a luxurious and comfy shampoo at the hair salon.

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  1. themancape December 5, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    You should also show how the stylist should properly drape you, the client´╗┐ prior to the washing at the shampoo bowl. Many times, no draping is done, no towel, no cape, and no towel + cape are ever used. I see Rosa (pretty name BTW) is wearing a nylon cutting cape. It may be treated to resist water, or repel water, but its not water proof. In that case I would put a towel over her shoulders, then the cape, just to make sure she don’t get wet. Or, use a water proof, or chemical proof cape.

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